Foundation Cracks and Other Deficiencies

Foundation cracks in your home can be a serious issue. These cracks and deficiencies can allow groundwater to enter your basement or crawl space and weaken your foundation. There are several types of deficiencies such as:

  • Foundation Cracks (Structural & Non-Structural)
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Leaky Tie Holes
  • Honeycombing
  • Cold Joints

There are two methods we use to repair such issues:

Exterior Crack Repairs – These methods block and seal the crack or deficiency from the outside of the foundation. This prevents water from getting into the basement. Often a waterproof membrane is used to seal the crack. Since this repair if performed on the outside of the foundation it regularly requires some degree of excavation to expose the deficiency.

Interior Crack Repairs – This type of repair completely fills the crack or deficiency and eliminates the path through which the water was entering the basement. The most common repair is a polyurethane resin which is injected into the crack or deficiency, filling the void and blocking water entry.

In the event that neither of these methods provides an adequate solution we will work within the parameters of the unique situation to develop and design the appropriate solution for the problem.

Structural Repairs
Structural deficiencies are typically the result of some other issue, be it ground settlement or heaving or unforeseen pressure applied to one side of the structure causing it to bow and crack. Structural foundation repairs typically require the expertise of a structural engineer to outline a site specific scope of work. Structural repairs such as epoxy injections and reinforcement strapping are common recommendations.